Hallow Continuum


Line divide the mind

No horizon left in sight

Emptiness inside


Dawn Serene | ©


9 thoughts on “Hallow Continuum

    • Thank you. I’ll try to give you the abbreviated answer. Often, I pull from life experience, (shocking). It’s also not uncommon for me to pull from the experiences of those close to me. I’m hyper-emotional in that it is easy for me to imagine what another may be feeling so I can even pull from books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, or even art. Art is actually a big one. It’s not uncommon for me to pull up Google or Pinterest and skim through pictures until I find something that “speaks to me” and I’ll pull from that.


      • Oh definitely art is a huge influence in inspiring writing for me. Another thing which tends to be so empowering is spoken word poetry. Video performances of an individual’s poetry can help actualize not just the words but the meaning behind what they say and the meaning behind words is what all poets really strive for.

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      • On one hand, a voice may add depth but it may take away the option of having multiple voices on paper. It depends on the piece and it depends on the performer. That’s why I was hesitant to tell you my inspiration because it’s not always about what the author envisioned. It’s about what the reader takes away.


      • I completely understand. For when I write I don’t tell the story because it may take away the experience, I let the story speak for itself. But for inspiration-sake, I definitely like the experience of being transported and spoken word is one of my favorites.

        That being said, I do also love to know the artist’s aspect/thought process after I have made my own ideas of the piece because I also like the human side of art as well.

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