My Information

Dawn Serene

@DawnSerene on Twitter

serenehaiku on Instagram





  • BA English

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

  • MS Higher Education

Kaplan University



I am working on a book of haiku.




7 thoughts on “My Information

      • You selected it. One of my favorite mentors used to say that genius is simply noticing the obvious. And after twenty something years I added the idea that what one notices is a glimpse of their soul. That is what is valuable to us and our souls pay attention to it. I am very new to all of this blogging stuff but I am enjoying it.

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      • I’m inclined to agree. What strikes one may not strike another and therefore becomes unique to the individual. To that, I would add that it takes great insight to be able to reflect upon the information but also be able to recognize the individual without supposition. To assume the why behind something is to therefore presume to know everything there is to know about another, to have access to every thought, view, experience of that individual.

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